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Mobile Application Development

Our abilities in the mobile domain stretch across iPhone and Android applications. Our mobile app team combine the talents of our UX designers, producers and Adobe Air developers to create a mobile application to enhance your brand.

In 2011, shipment of smartphones overtook Desktop PC's and Notebooks combined (Morgan Stanley Research). The ubiquitous smartphone era has arrived, isn't it time your business took advantage of it?

Designing for smartphones requires a new mindset that focuses on how people use an app. iPhone users churn through a remarkable number of apps, offering up very little loyalty in return. If your app doesn't hold their interest, they have no qualms about moving onto the next one.

App users have a big app appetite, downloading about 10 apps per month on average, but they rarely use these apps frequently or for long. Studies show that the average user never launches an app more than 20 times before abandoning it.

Before developing an app, consider the following tips to increase the stickiness and uptake:

  • Develop an app that's simple and intuitive. No one wants to spend time learning how to use it;
  • Make sure it's designed with consideration for fingers tapping the screen so spacing, size and placement of buttons is crucial;
  • Make sure the app helps make your user's lives better by helping them get stuff done, make them laugh, keep them occupied during downtime or just get stuff done;

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