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Facebook Apps

Addshells builds custom Facebook apps for brands that help achieve their unique goals on the world's most popular social network.

A Facebook App can take many different shapes. It can be an application that sits inside Facebook, on a disparate website or even on a smartphone. Building an app on Facebook gives you the opportunity of creating an immersive social experience.

Facebook apps can integrate with many of it's core features such as profile data, news feeds, events, check-in's amongst others. Tapping into this information gives you access to each user's information and can

A Facebook App is a great way to engage with customers on Facebook, building brand awareness and drive web traffic.

Facebook Apps have an opportunity for spread virally. Because of the social nature of Facebook, it is easy for users to promote and share apps amongst their friends. There are also a number of features in the Facebook API that can help you spread the word of your app on Facebook. Facebook also has a discovery feature that creates news feeds based on what friends are using as well as the latest Real-time App Activity to show you in real time what apps your friends are using.

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