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We are Addshells - a Digital Agency

Addshells is an award-winning, Visakhapatnam-based, digital agency with a reputation for producing innovative and successful websites, ecommerce sites, Mobile media campaigns, CMS pages, applications and just about anything else digital.

Being independent enables us to make quick decisions and gives us the flexibility to adapt and grow to meet the needs of an ever-changing digital landscape. We're proud to produce intelligent digital solutions for businesses including some of India's biggest and best-known brands.
Our Values & Beliefs

Everyone can be creative in their work, no matter what they do.
Collaboration drives ingenuity.
Internet is our greatest collective achievement and a canvas for unlimited creativity and productivity.
The future is digital, so get on board now.
The story so far..

In December 2007, two friends from digital marketing, design and business consulting backgrounds got together to form Addshells. Since then we've grown to a team of over 12, more than 100+ projects, for Corporate companies, small companies, startups, professionals, politicians and secured key blue-chip clients, and generally had a great time doing what we love.